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questioned in relation to what happened here today, and tonight, a nation in mourning. candle-light vigils held in newtown and across the country. also one just outside the without in washington, d.c. earlier today, president obama ordered flags half staff nationwide for the victims of the tragedy. in an emotional address, he said this to the nation. >> i know there is not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings. kids of their own. >> an extraordinarily emotional president obama earlier today. obviously, so many questions that are emerging after what happened today. a virtual massacre of little, tinny children, and the weapons that were used, nothing short of terrifying. susan candiotti following this today. three different weapons found in different places, very dangerous weapons. >> two weapons found on the shooters himself, in the classroom, where he was found dead
, a nation in mourning. candle light vigils were held in newtown and across the country. there was one just outside of the white house in washington, d.c. earlier today, president obama ordered flags to be flown at half staff nationwide in tribute to the victims of this terrible tragedy. in an emotional address, he said this to the nation. >> i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> reporter: the president, incredibly emotional as he . a masser of innocent tiny children and the weapons used nothing short of terrifying. our susan candiotti has been following the developments today. three different weapons found in different places, very, very dangerous weapons. >> that's right. two of the weapons were found on the shooter himself n the classroom where he was found dead. one of them is a glock and the other is a cigging sauer. bot
, an idyllic community, town of 30,000, just likes newtown, and people are mourning and weeping as they mourn for the teachers at sanry hook elementary school. >> just when you think you can be composed and keep it together and maybe the tears will have stopped, they put out the names and ages of the victims and even not knowing them, but just to read through their names and their ages is just wretching. we will show you some of their names now, the victims, there were 12. we'll show them later to you, basically 20 children and younger than we thought, remember that president obama and his first report that they were between five and ten years old. they were really just six and seven years old, all of them and it's also to know, we didn't know at the time, what close range they were killed. how good of a marksman this shooter was and we now know tragically they were shot many tim times. >> the mother of the shooter, nancy, was a gun collector and taught her son how to shoot and we'll be asking questions about this in the days ahead and all used in the massacre were tied, registered to her, an
as many details as we can. we are trying to do that with as much respect for those in mourning and for that community as possible. it is impossible to fathom what the people of newtown are going through and in particular the parents and the siblings and the family members of the children whose little lives were taken today. so many lives lost and so many more lives forever changed. friends and neighbors even complete strangers have gathered and continue to at this hour to hold one another and cry and pray and to remember. this a vigil at a local church. jason carroll joins us now. you have been outside. what are people saying to you? what has the mead been like? >> reporter: here at st. rose lima church, the people and the hundreds who are gathered outside simply because there wasn't enough room inside the church. they are stunned. no other word for it. they are stunned and hurt. they are here because they are leaning on each other for support. when you are hurt so badly like this, you turn to your loved ones and family and in some cases you turn to your faith. that's what's ha
that is affected. we mourn the loss of prestige -- precious children. we of them to do everything in our power to take sensible actions to prevent the violence and insure the safety of a schools and neighborhoods and to build the future for all americans. i'm very pleased to yield two carolyn. >> thank you, leader pelosi for allowing us to come together again after too many types. i can't name everybody. i'll probably miss somebody. we have been here before and we have been here before. but this time, this time, the time is different. i want to thank all of you for coming out and i want to thank you for the coverage that you have been given for the rest of the country to be able to read the stories that have been going on in newtown, connecticut. too often we see these mass killings and we mourn for those that have died in the past and yet, all our lives go on. but this time, it is different. and we all know it. everybody is asking. is this time different? it is. that is mainly because of the victims. 26 killed, mostly young elementary schoolchildren. 6 and 7-year-olds. and as we speak here, f
period of mourning and absorb this tragedy, but it is worth adding all sides of the debate. we don't know what the motive is here. we don't know more about the shooter. we don't know about the weapon involved. we know this is another horrifying case of gun violence. >> here we have hundreds of children in an elementary school. children age 5 to 10 years old. here is one of the children after this morning's terrible incident, which apparently started around 9:30 when the kids were all in -- >> i was -- i went in the hall when, like, everybody heard the bullets. >> yeah. >> they, like, went into a total panic. >> how are you doing? what went on in your head as this was happening? >> whoa. >> whoa. i am just -- >> it's also -- >> fear and shock. bloo to think about even the kids that witnessed them being witnessed to or thinking about it. the issue about what we don't know about what motivated the shooter, so many facts we don't know, and we shouldn't speculate about. one obvious point that comes up, you heard in the 911 call, andrea, this was a school that was in lockdown. there are lockdow
that an impromptu vigil is beginning to form right outside the white house. people just coming together to mourn because i think so many people are mourning today for the victims in connecticut and also to send their prayers and their condolences. so that is happening right now outside of the white house just beginning to gather. we're going to monitor that and brick bring you any developments. but the president continues to monitor this situation, continues to make it very clear that the federal government will offer its full support, it's full resources to the people of connecticut. martin? >> kristin, as the president said, as a country we have been through this too many times. kristin welker, thank you so much. let me bring in two of my friends and colleagues, the host of msnbc's "the cycle" toure and crystal ball. krystal, what was your reaction. off young daughter and you are pregnant. >> it's been a very emotional day. i think i feel the way the president feels, the way that most patients feel, the way that most americans feel. not to state the obvious, but there's something about it bein
and senseless murders." they wanted to give families to mourn to make sure that they wanted to have a time before they issued a statement and never happens again." in a statement, the group says its members were quote "shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders." wanted to give families time to mourn before making its first public statements. the organization - pledging to "help to make sure this never happens again" and is for friday. with the recent shooting - a re-ignited gun control debate - and a spike in gun sales. asking what, if anything you plan on doing. buying a rifle before a possible ban? getting rid of your weapon if you have one? the poll results later tonight. >>pam: stay with kron-4 as we continue to follow the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. we'll have much more tonight at 5-30. >> in vallejo - two children. a 12- and a 13- year old. arrested, and accused of stealing a rifle. they allegedly took the on irene drive. investigators tell kron4's haaziq madyun. it all led to a very tense situation for law enforcement. >> "it is a dange
detail after detail get worse, it is a nation in mourning. and tonight there is a vigil outside the white house. the president, president obama, ordering flags to fly at half staff nationwide in a tribute to the victims of this terrible tragedy. an extraordinarily emotional president addressed the nation this afternoon. >> i know there's not a parent in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings. kids of their own. >> reporter: the president, incredibly emotional as he addressed reporters in the nation as these horrible details became more and more evident moment by moment today. my colleague susan candiotti has been working not only the scene of the shooting at sandy hook elementary but also police sources throughout this community as well. you've been able to find out some remarkable information throughout the day. >> it really has been stunning throughout the day to try to figur
there was a large ceremony to mourn the victims lost. we're awaiting a news conference here at 8:00 a.m. eastern time in connecticut where authorities are expected to release the names of the children and adults killed at the sandy hook elementary school. 26 people killed there, 20 children, 6 adults, the mother of the victim also found dead at a separate location. i want to check in now with nick valencia in the cnn newsroom. one of them, the school principal. nick, what do we know about her? >> good morning, john. as you mentioned, i'm here at the cnn center in atlanta where we're working on gathering the latest information on the victims of this horrible tragedy, the connecticut school shooting. as you mentioned, 47-year-old principal dawn hochsprung, described as the kind of person you would want educating your kids, john. she was a very involved educator with memorable enthusiasm according to those that knew her. she spent her entire career rising through the ranks of the connecticut school system, teaching in small communities where she was a fixture in schools before coming to sandy hook.
so they can mourn and grieve their loss during this time. this community certainly just now getting out of the sadness and shock part and this grief heavily starting to set in. what we don't know about the shooter at this time is his exact identification. they're trying to process that information as well. there are numerous reports that they're trying to figure out the exact identification that they had on him at the time. but the main focus here for law enforcement and for first responders is dealing with those families who have lost those children. 18 who died at that school this morning, chris. two others that were transported to a local hospital and died later. and six adults and then also the shooter that died. so 27 people in all killed in this small area community here. and more details that we'll be learning about the heroics inside that school as this tragedy played out. we're hearing about how teachers that were in that section of the school where this happened, when they heard shouts or the shooting that started to begin, that they gathered those children and they hovere
for an unbearable number of child funerals and as thousands rally in that small new england town to mourn and pray, we are also learning more about the victims and the details are devastating. nbc's danielle lee is live in newtown with more on their stories. danielle, given the ages of these children alone, it is just heartbreaking. >> reporter: alex it is just so heartbreaking. .i just got back from visiting sandy hook elementary on the other side of this park here and just about everywhere you go in and out of the town center, a long line of cars filled with people coming in to pay their respec respects many with tear in their eyes. there is just so much loss, hard to imagine the sad innocence this tight-knit community. the deep pain is cementing in on the faces of those who lost their babies. 6 and 7-year-olds, like emelie parker, brutally killed by an assault-style rifle. >> my daughter, emilie, would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all those victims, because that's the type of person that she is. >> reporter: friends of teacher vicki soto shared tear
to cope with what happened. a lot of them to know what's going on. the entire country is mourning the lives lost and investigators try to piece together what happened without causing further damage to survivors. we cannot and will not damage to these children in any further ways everyone questioning what triggered the gunman but the answers are not clear yet 20 year-old adam lances computer was smashed to pieces so much so that the fbi's lab hasn't been able to retrieve anything what we are learning is more about the shooter's personality he played video games through his school's tech club. he has the stereotypical nerd look, khaki pants, built in the tucked in shirty even had a briefcase instead of a back pack like anyone else he even had a pocket protector that he had penned in. although we don't know much else about what led him to the deadly rampage the shooting has reignited a debate over guns. we are here because we know that as a nation we are better than this we are here from tucson, from colorado, from columbine steel beach, virginia tech and newtown connecticut names th
is mourned by the world. particularly by a host of veterans of the korean war. one of her many generous giving his of her charms and humor. fellow citizens, many of who had a rendezvous with death. a symbol of all the girls back home, maryland, did not go unrecognized gregg: parts of arkansas could be ringing in the new year in the dark, all thanks to a christmas day blizzard that dumped more than 15 inches of snow in the state and caused widespread damage and a bunch of power lines, more than 200,000 customers without any power. the state's largest utility is saying that some areas won't get power back until after the new year. heather: all eyes are on washington as the president and congressional leaders make a last-ditch effort to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. the crucial meeting. less than two hours from now, time is running out and no agreement is in sight. with both sides staring at the abyss, the frustration is growing. the rhetoric is heating up. a political editor for the washington times joins us now with a make or break moment. what he thinks would happen? >> president o
mourning. other high profile crashes involving learjets golfer stewart and few others were killed in 1999, former blink drummer barker severely injured in a crash in 2008 in south carolina that killed four people. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo. >>> this morning san francisco police are on the hunt for the person who shot a man in the city's mission district. officers responded to reports of multiple shots fired before 8:00 last night. they found the victim in the street. police had not released his name or said if they have suspects. members of the gang task force were on the scene. >>> pleasant hill police investigating another pipe bomb incident, a parent potted the device outside the office at pleasant hill elementary school yesterday afternoon. the bomb squad determined the device was an close and they were able to safely remove it. it could have done cap damage if it had been off. -- have done significant damage if it had gone off. >>> friday police arrested two teenaged boys on suspicion of blowing up a mailbox with a homemade device they had a second home in their possession
tonight are mourning the loss of a man they call a giant. robert bork was one of the most influential legal scholars of the past 50 years supreme court justice antonin scalia said in a statement. contact on legal thinking this the fields of antitrust and constitutional law was profound and lasting it was in the summer much 1987 that senate democrats allied with liberal advocacy groups that paint judge bork as a far right wing threat to blacks, women and free speech. he was ultimately defeated by historic margin. bork had first gained notoriety as the justin department official carried out president nixon's order to fire the watergate special prosecutor archibald cox who was seeking access to the white house tapes. the attorney general at the time and his deputy had both resigned in prop he protest. that protest was known as saturday night massacre and invoked calls for nixon's impeachment. in interview with fox news unit bork warned the perils of judicial activism and rise in america of moral relativism. strong stream of extreme individuals in newark. maybe new in a way because you he
community is now mourning this nightmare of a tragedy together. in all, 26 candles were lit and then they were placed at an altar at a memorial service that took place last evening. each one of those candles for one of the victims. hundreds filling saint rose of lima catholic churn. the crowds spilling outside. people huddling near windows to remember those innocent children and the school faculty that were taken far too soon. >> well, peter doocy is live for us in newtown this morning. he has the latest development for us. good morning, peter. >> good morning. and very sad to report that the medical examiner's office ohas been working through the night inside sandy hook elementary school. the last update we had last night from the connecticut state police is that authorities hoped to positively identify all of the bodies inside by today. six adults and 20 children were killed when the 20-year-old mass murderer, 9:30 a.m. and fired asd up many as 100 shots from at least two pistols, a glock mostly into just two classrooms. teachers did their best to shield their young studen
given time for mourning and prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again." the nra is planning to hold a major news conference in the washington, d.c. area on friday, december 21. after the newtown massacre, democratic congressman released this statement, i have been largely silent on the issue of gun violence over the past six years, and i now am as sorry for that as i am for the families who lost so much in this most recent, but sadly not isolated tragedy. i will not be silent any longer. joining me now, congressman john yarmouth, congressman, you have been in congress for six years from kentucky. difficult place to be elected from if you're on the wrong side of the nra. what do you believe the congress should do now and what are you prepared to support in congress? >> well, there are many things i'm prepared to support. the things the president has talked about. the re-institution of the assault weapons ban. limitation on high capacity magazines. the -- eliminating
the somber day with a vigil. religious leaders from all faiths gathered together to mourn and heal o. december 14th, 20-year-old adam lanza killed his mother and broke into sandy hook elementary school and killed 26 people before taking his own life. and meanwhile, the community is still recovering, as you can imagine. the outpouring of support has been overwhelming, officials are asking people to stop sending gifts: the national disaster response team is helping with inventory so the items they're getting will go to those needing them the most. first responders, students, and families are still trying to emotionally process what happened. some people haven't been able to go back to work, using up their sick time and vacation. >> and the affects of emotional trauma are long-lasting and chronic. what we're looking for is a funding mechanism to make sure if officers need to take time off from work, there is money available to continue their paychecks. >> the united way of western connecticut said a fund established after the shooting has grown to $3.5 million. and that is the bottom li
of silence to mourn the shooting victims. >> as all this wonderful faces you see on tv and the newspaper like noah pozner, who was laid to rest this morning, they are a reminder that despite the terrible, awful things that happen from inside the hearts of all this is this and livable goodness. -- is this unbelievable goodness. that is all know i had, spirit. newtown can survive because they are" to thicken survive because they just look it is inspiration from these 20 little kids who are just asking this town to remember how good they were. as newtown wrestles with his grief and recovery, the thoughts and prayers from mothers matter. i want to thank everyone here for of the individual love that you have showered down upon our little town. i want to thank the connecticut delegation here with me today for all of their support. it helps, and some small way, to know the world is grieving with us. so, mr. speaker, i would ask the house now rise. >> connecticut's senate select chris murphy, a leading a moment of silence in the house of representatives. meanwhile, connecticut governor dannel malloy
at >>> welcome back tonight. millions of jenni rivera's fans are mourning her death in a plane crash. her family reeling from the scene. seven people were onboard the learjet. no survivors. it's not yet known what caused the plane to go down. fans admired her not only for her strength but her powerful voice. her album helped put rivera on the map, and some believe her legacy could eclipse that of selena's. singer jenni rivera was a household name to millions in the u.s. and mexico. she released her first album in 1999 and her popularity exploded. she went on to sell more than 15 million records, making her one of the most popular latin artists in the past two decades. she recently won two billboard music awards and was nominated for several latin grammy awards. magazine people in espanol named her to the list of 25 most powerful women. known as the diva, her audience was drawn to her powerhouse spanish language performances of ballads. speaking of the senate foor today, senator marco rubio said rivera was a real american success story. >> she was a singer in a genre
the weekend. >> in an antioch neighborhood mourning the death of a man shot in front of his home over the weekend. last night, french and family of 43 or aaron williams came out for a candlelight vigil to remember him. please say williams was gunned down in front of his home in the 23rd hundred block of banyan way just after 1030 saturday. no arrests have been made in one of the formation is the first call police. >> police said three suspect it--a partisan central california have confirmed a fifth death in a shooting of tribal members on an indian reservation. tulare county sheriff's deputies said that an eight year old girl is among four family members killed by her father. she was identified as alssa ce laya. tribal members say the man did have a deadly best as a troubl--a troubled past. >> >> a deadly officer of shooting of a bridge was to the california state university near san burn the know. campus police. police thence a physical altercation broke out that is one officer said they feared for their safety and open fire. >> northbound caltran tracks and several is a every open
stuck with everyone in america. we can get the job done if wade calibrate this legislation. we mourned the loss of precious children. >> we mourn the loss of the teachers, counselors and the principle of the school. we owe them to do everything in our power to take action to prevent gun violence and to make sure that our schools and neighborhoods are safe. >> this is a minority leader and nancy pelosi. she will tell us what will go forward with the control in america. president obama will speak at 1145 of the same issue. we will bring alive when he comes up. >> we will be rare bacteria am not 813 and we're covering how cold it is this morning. >> it is cold out there. santa rosa 49, navato 38 at this hour. it is very cold out there, some of the cold weather we have seen. almost all year long. not quite the coldest day yet. daly city is at 36. sam francisco is the warmest spot. pleasanton 29 degrees. up north we have the coldest conditions and that is where we have a freeze on warning in effect. it expired this morning at 8:00 but it is still a very cold start. lots of sunshine and this
and as a matter of common decency we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. the nra is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again, end quote. cnn's george howell is following the politics and power of the nra. david mattingly shows us how talk of gun control is triggering a spike in gun sales. george, let's begin with you and the nra. what does it mean by meaningful contributions? >> carol, fair to say, it's an open ended statement. and since that statement, since the shooting, the nra has been silent. we know their facebook page, they took that down briefly. their twitter account also went cold. now both are back up. touting this big announcement friday. what that big announcement will be we have yet to see. again, we know their website is also up and run ing. you played just a moment ago a bit of this -- this program called cannon company. that's a web cast that appears on the website. let's listen to just a little bit more of that to get reaction to what happened in newtown. >> what do we see co
into some kind of altercation with staff members. meantime, the community of newtown is in mourning, some are wearing black ribbons to honor those who died. the local fire house in newtown is also displaying a black ribbon. many in that fire house responded to the scene as the tragedy unfolded on friday. let's go to newtown. that's where msnbc's chris jansing is standing by. so chris, i know we await another news conference. they have been very methodical and precise about the information they are giving out that. first news conference was delayed significantly. you expect that's the reasoning for this one as well? the delay? >> reporter: obviously they want to be very careful. they want to make sure all the information they give out is correct. but senator blumenthal has arrived on the scene. so that would give us an indication that this news conference may get under way fairly quickly. we haven't seen superintendent robinson yet. obviously one of the questions that we want to ask is about the alterercation that pete williams reported as a possible motive or at least one part of the moti
his mother will be mourned by countless australians whose lives she has touched. her energy and personal commitment made our country a more hopeful place and she'll be missed by many. bill: what a life. martha: 77 direct descendants is remarkable. bill: remember the good times, they are all good times. 16 minutes past the hour. an 8-day strike that brought two of the nation's busiest ports to a grinding halt is over. a tentative deal brokered by l.a.'s mayor means the clerks are set to return to work today. >> we took on these challenges and tonight we are able to reach an agreement. my 10,000 long shore workers in the ports of l.a.-long beach will start moving cargo on these ships. bill: this strike had a huge impact on the national economy. these two ports have a 44% of the nation's sea cargo. it includes cars out of japan and china. john fund, coauthor of the book "who's counting." you want a raise? you want a clerical worker? the money is pretty good. $87,000 a year. $105,000 with a compensation package. one of the top u.s. blue collar jobs. >> the outrageous thing about
conditions improve. >> in an antioch community in mourning the death of a man shot dead in from his home over the weekend. >> last night, friends and family of 43 year-old aaron williams came out for a candlelight vigil to remember williams. police say williams was gunned down in front of his home in the 23rd hundred block of companionway just after 1037 night. friends of the victims say they have a message for whoever is response before his death. >> this was a tragedy. >> so far no arrests have been made in the case anyone with information is encouraged call police. >> a 14 year old walt recovering after being stabbed at san jose's christmas event in the part of it. police said three suspected gang members attacked the teen stabbing him at least once near a carnival near park avenue. the boy's injuries were not life-threatening. he was treated at a local hospital. witnesses say the suspect ran away. police say it doesn't appear the victims or suspects in each other. despite the stabbing, family still turn out over the weekend to enjoy christmas and the part. >> i feel sorry for the kids get
family who mourn the loss of so great a man, senator daniel k. inouye. amen. [background sounds] [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background [background sounds] [background sounds] become [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background s
. harris: the nation is mourning the loss of norman schwarzkopf. he was 78 years old. the man known as storming norman drove out saddam hussein's forces in kuwait in 1991. operation desert storm entered one of our history books. you know, i have read that you say that the general earned every bit of his impeccable reputation as a leader. why is that? >> well, if you look back at where we were when he played a critical role in leading the first gulf war, we had come off of the 70s, which were the carter years, morale is really bad. reagan rebuilt the military during the 80s. then george h. w. bush took over as well. the team that was rebuilt, that new army and air force, the new navy thinking about was actually put to the test in desert storm. it was norman schwarzkopf who was chosen to lead that because of his position as being a commander in chief and central command at the time. what he showed with several things. first, he not only highlighted the technology improvements with his almost daily briefings, which that is where he got the nickname the bear. his nickname among the staf
. >> reporter: it is a difficult situation for everyone here. and we know that the mourning and the funerals continue this week. one of the many reasons why sandy hook students will not be returning to school until after the holidays. in fact, the school superintendent just told me they are planning on january 2nd. that said, newtown public schools are in full swing today. we've seen dozens of school buses driving through town. but those schools are certainly still facing many challenges bringing their students back into the classroom. this morning, parents of sandy hook elementary students say their children will return to school some time in january. relocating to this empty middle school about seven miles away, with a newly-installed security system. on tuesday, tractor-trailers brought desks and supplies. school officials going through great lengths to re-create their former classrooms. right down to the very last crayon. that precision, designed to help comfort sandy hook students, like 9-year-old david uhl. >> i am just having a hard time going through all this. >> reporter: more of ne
are not alone. >> america mourns a national tragedy, as investigators at a connecticut community search for answers. >> the second deadliest school shooting in united states history. >> this not just heartbreaking. they're not just names. it's not a list. they're little kids. >> the heartbreaking good-byes begin today with the first funerals. >> the shooter has been positively identified as adam lanza. his death has been ruled a suicide. >> police are still investigating a motive for the massacre. >> i don't think anything is worse than what happened in this school. >> what happened there is a nightmare. >> to pick on 6 and 7-year-olds, it's beyond horrific. >> i had to break it to all the folks who were assembled at the firehouse that their children or their loved ones were not coming home. that's an exercise that i will live with for the most of my life. >> house speaker john boehner is now willing to consider a tax increase for those making more than $1 million a year. >> the nfl took a moment to reflect. teams and players paid tribute to those affected by the scho
sadness and in mourning. you can see the president almost struggle for his own composure at one point. he talked about his girls are slightly older than these kids, but you see how much it hit him on a personal level and how he talked about this sort of being a moment for everybody to put aside whatever differences we have and focus on your own lives and what you can be grateful for and help others. i would point out that he did say while this is not a time to talk policy and i will quote, we are going to have to coming to and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics. we have to to wonder if that's an indirect reference to fighting for some of those assault weapons banned and reinstatement he once supported or other gun actions he once stood for and has not fought for in the first term. we will follow-up on that at another time. >> any indication when the president will be going to connecticut? >> no. i asked at the white house and they said they don't have any travel to announce to connecticut, but you and i both know that will no doubt most l
tim scott. >> thank you very much. this is a great day of celebration. our nation still mourning. of one to take a moment of silence for any town -- newtown. will you join me please? thank you. this is an exciting day for many reasons. i went to state thank you to my lord and savior jesus christ, to be honest with you. when you start out in a single- parent household with a mom who work 16 hours a day and you're looking at a future that is not look bright and you are living in south carolina, you build a strength that comes from having the understanding that it is not about you. it is about your faith. it is about your family. i love my mother who is here with me. and painful for the good lord who believe sometimes the lord has to come at the end of a switch. she loves me a lot. -- love has to come at the end of a switch. she loves me and a lot. taught civics, spanish, and english. -- i failed a civics, spanish, and english. my mother did not quit on me. i had the good fortune of meeting a mentor who taught me some very basic biblical business principles. our nation finds itself
in the specific proposals made today. and i don't want to comment on the memories and the mourning of the people in newtown which i am very respectful of. i think today is one of sadness and i hope to honor the memory of those victims by what we do in the united states congress because they, as much as anyone in this country, their families and loved ones and friends are calling for action. >> can you maim any g.o.p. members besides scott brown who have come forward to support any kind of gun control? >> not at this time. but i haven't had the opportunity to talk with any of them yet. >> you mentioned president clinton called you. i'm wondering if you can elaborate more on what he said and what if anything you've asked him to do in this process? >> he was talking about the battle back in 1993 with the bill that interestingingly enough was introduced and passed in 1993 and went into effect in 1994. of course he was president and the white house came alive and was very, very helpful in enabling the passage soft that bill bath in the senate and in the house. and so to have him part of the team agai
was the matriarch, of course, of the media family to be with rupert, her son. she's going to be mourned by a lot of people that she helped. >> there were more than 100 -- we were reading 100 charities that she was involved in. >> absolutely. >> even dealing with kids and health and education and all the things. what really inspired her? what drove her? >> it is a remarkable -- 100 organizations. they say countless thousands of individuals that she helped along the way either through those groups or individually dispensing advice, money, you know, helping people out. the work she did with the hospitals was huge. the children's hospital in melbourne, a research center as well. i think it gives the answer to your question was she said when she was 99 she said looking out for people is the most important thing in life and is the most rewarding. happiness, i think, lies in thought for other people and trying to help them. i mean, whenever you think of rupert murdock or whatever else, this was a lovely lady. >> what does she think of her son's endeavors in the media and all the controversy around the
late as other parents are mourning the death of their 5-year-old who died at at hand of a gunman who gunned them down like they were nothing. >> the ran document and cruel nature of this kind of act complicates things psychologically even for the survivors who will need help later on to try to put this in some kind of perspective. because i worked with people again and again for whom either having a tragedy visit or having survived sit, when a sibling is stricken with cancer. having not been the one to get sick leads them to feel unsafe. the randomness of it. unfairness of it. the fact that is there not a lot you as an individual can do to protect yourself from it makes people visit their own mortality and that fine thread from which we all hang. earlier than you had hoped. hasn't what these kids are contending with. these will be forever special children perhaps, capable of extraordinary bravery or ema any but also vulnerable in a special way. megyn: your thoughts on what we are hear being this act pat we believe this gunman killed his mother. we believe in the house outside of the
more restrictive after the 1968 gun laws, the control act. and we have had mourned more mass shootings. so it's not the guns and gun laws. they have already changed. it is something else in society. and so, the idea that you are going to restrict my freedoms and my rights because something else is happening is not an american solution here that's not the way we do things. it may sound good on tv, but it does not work. host: there's this headline in the financial times -- you can see people in newtown, connecticut, yesterday, at a memorial. richardson,diana in texas, on our independent line. caller: thank you for listening. hi. i think what people are failing to understand is that we are dealing with human nature. we need to have some kind of education in this country that tells parents it's all right to get your child helps. help. i think a lot of people know if they have a dangerous child. i think this woman knew what her son was like hands she bought the guns. she never should have had guns in our house. this goes way back. i live in texas and i'm used to the wild wild west. this is
after a mass the shooting. there's public mourning. but the anger from the american people, they are fed up with the gun violence that we're seeing in our country. anger from people are fed up with the gun lobby, the tactics they use down here in washington. the anger from the people to be very honest with you fed up with the lack of courage, the lack of courage here in washington to take a stand, to do something. >> mccarthy says this time is different, because president obama is standing behind efforts to strengthen gun control policies. as you can tell, the shooting in newtown putting the gun debate front and center. the second amendment says we have the right to bear arms, but should we? >> america is not the wild west that you are depicting. we only have the problem in our cities and unhappily in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves. i honestly don't understand it. ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfecti
history and everything is obviously unprecedented here, but typically it is a mourning process that will last. but it is short-lived and maybe even more short-lived for the children as compared to their parents. children tend to be more resilient here. i think obviously talking about this, but also restoring some sort of normalcy to their lives. and you know, we say that all the time, but it makes a huge difference to actually go back to some sort of normal pattern. if you had soccer practice on saturday, to do that practice. piano lessons tomorrow, the same thing. >> reporter: how possibly do you reopen a school where children were hiding inside their cubbies hoping not to get shot? i know that eventually columbine was reopened, right? there was a similar horrific experience. and people did eventually go back. but i just can't wrap my mind around that. >> i don't know if it needs to be commemorated in one way and acknowledged. i think a complete transparency seems to be key here, not trying to hide these things. making sure that people know that in fact this did happen here, b
the victims mourn with that. and to help them, not to destroy their lives. >> if convicted, nouel alba faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 fine. >>> for the second time this month, a man has been shoved to his death at a subway station in new york city. witnesses say a woman was pacing on the platform as a train approached before pushing the man to his death last night. the body was pinned under the train. his identity has not been released. police describe the suspect as a heavy set woman in her 20s, security video shows her running from the scene. earlier this month, a 58-year-old man was shoved to his death at a times square station and a homeless man was charged in the case. >>> just ahead on cnn, the fallout from dozens of american families in the process of adopting children from russia as russia's president imposes an adoption ban. >>> is this pay back? that's what many are thinking after russia imposes a ban on adoptions by u.s. families. it was signed into law by president vladimir putin. more than 50 children were in the final stages of the adoption process when the bill
pained on raising tax rates on americans who make mourn 250,000. at the end of the day he'll probably get that victory. it will be a hollow victory because raising tax rates is not going to help job creation and it's certainly not going to get us out of debt. here is the question i asked on "fox news sunday," what are you going to do with the machine, mr. president that comes in from raising tax rates? i found out yesterday afternoon much to my disappointment that they had intended to spend $600 billion of new spending, take $600 billion from the rate increases and spend it on the government and not put any money on the deficit. that's why we are still talking among ourselves, because that is unacceptable. uma: you have no hope that the money will be used to bring down the debt? >> every dime you give these people they are going to spend if we don't make them do otherwise. that's why i asked a simple question. you're going to get a rate increase, i hope it's above 250, i think it will be. if we had the house bill on the floor weeks ago we would have amended it and we would have passed it
is supporting the firefighters who was hurt and mourning the ones who died. >> the day after christmas returns looked different in los angeles. mayor moved l.a.'s annual gun buyback event from mother's day to yesterday. he did that because of the connecticut school shootings. people could exchange pistols, shotguns, rifles, for grocery store gift cards worth about $100. >>> d.c. prosecutors won't say if they'll prosecute david gregory for showing a high capacity magazine on "meet the press." they're illegal in washington. even if they're not attached to a weapon. d.c. police says nbc actually asked if they could use the magazine on the show and their answer was no. coming up at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on "cnn newsroom," victor blackwell will talk with nra president david keen about gun rights in the wake of the newtown massacre. >>> coming up, how facebook's privacy policy may have come back to haunt its founder, mark zuckerberg. >>> plus the biggest celebrity scandals of 2012. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only
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